In Houston marital therapy, jealousy is one of the relationship issues that comes up frequently. Mild jealousy now and then is natural, and it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The feeling can remind you not to take your partner for granted and motivate you to show him or her your appreciation and love. Admitting to feeling a little jealous on occasion can even be reassuring to your partner.

But jealousy can also get out of control, becoming intense, irrational, and constant, and eventually it can destroy your relationship. The first step for jealous partners is to recognize this behavior is causing serious relationship issues. Then you need to take steps to change your behavior. Understand that you can’t control someone else, and actions like spying on your spouse aren’t part of a healthy marriage. Work with your partner to set ground rules that both of you can agree to.

Another part of the process is understanding the emotions that are behind these feelings. Often, jealousy has little to do with events that actually occurred and more to do with unrealistic expectations or feelings of insecurity or inadequacy. It can be helpful to seek Houston marital therapy or even individual counseling to explore where these jealous feelings are coming from and come to terms with them.

If you are the non-jealous spouse, you also need to be supportive during this process. Acknowledge their feelings and encourage them to share why they feel that way. You can take steps to help make your partner feel more secure in your relationship. Simply saying “I love you” more often can make a big difference. Also, look for ways to make your partner feel more attractive. Compliment an outfit, or simply tell your partner that he or she looks sexy. Find ways to show your spouse how much you care.

Seek Houston Marital Therapy to Overcome Jealousy

Overcoming relationship issues can help bring you together and make you a stronger, healthier couple in the long run. If you need help moving past jealous feelings or talking about them with your spouse, I encourage you to seek Houston marital therapy.