Couple kayaking on late summer date.

Having regular date nights (or date days) with your partner is a good idea year-round, and you should use the seasons to your advantage to try different activities at different times of the year. While there may be some weeks when you and your partner prefer to go the traditional dinner-and-a-movie route, or to stay in with a bottle of wine for a low-key night, periodically breaking up your routine with new dates is a great way to keep the romance going. Here are a few ideas from our Houston relationship counseling center for taking advantage of the end of summer on your next date.

Go wine tasting. June through October is considered “peak season” for the wine country in California, but you don’t have to live on or travel to the West Coast to enjoy some wine tasting during the summer. Look up locally wineries—or breweries, if you and your partner prefer—and see when they offer tastings and tours.

Make something together. Take on a backyard DIY project, such as starting a small herb garden or making a bench (you and your partner should pick something that you think you’ll both enjoy). Collaborating on a project—especially when it’s something new that you have to learn together—is a great way to bond.

Get out on the water. Late summer can be sweltering (especially in Houston), so if you’re looking for an outdoor date idea, consider something that will get you out on the water. You might try stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking, both of which are good exercise and can be done with two people. You might also consider packing a picnic and heading to the nearest beach or lake.

Check out a hotel pool and spa. Many hotels offer day passes for their pools, which are ideal for dates because they tend to be a lot less crowded than public pools or water parks. Some hotels also offer day passes for their spas, meaning that you and your partner could enjoy both the pool and a massage.

Have a barbecue. Look up a new marinade recipe, cut up some vegetables together, and take turns watching the grill. You could either make a dinner for two, or invite a few other couples over for a group date night.

Look for local events in the park. No matter where you live, there’s a good chance that there’s a park somewhere near you that has free summer events like concerts, movie nights, or a Shakespearean theater series. These events can be another great opportunity to pack a picnic and get outside with your partner when the weather cools down a bit in the evening.

If you’re looking for more ways to strengthen your relationship beyond going on a summer date, you and your partner should consider attending an upcoming couples’ workshop. These workshops are an excellent opportunity to learn more about your partner and gain the tools to build a relationship that lasts.