relationship work

The work you put into your relationship today will not just have a positive impact on the rest of your lives; it will help the lives of your children, their children, and their children. It is an investment in the future of your family.

Here are a few reasons why IMAGO relationship work is a gift that will live on long after you and your partner have passed.

You Show Your Children What a Loving Relationship Looks Like

Think of the impact that your parents had on you and your relationships.

Our parents are the first example of a romantic relationship that we see as we grow. The traits that we look for in a partner are largely influenced by the way our parents set an example for what a relationship looks like and the responsibilities of each partner in that relationship.

When couples learn healthy ways of being in a relationship, they model these positive behaviors for their children. Then those children will be more likely to seek a healthy relationship themselves, modeling it for their children. And then those children will do the same. And on and on.

The Universal Power of the IMAGO Toolkit

IMAGO relationship education provides you and your partner with a “toolkit” that allows you to communicate effectively, show affection, and work and grow together.

These communication tools and techniques are not just useful with your partner but in all areas of your life, including your relationship with your child. In effect, they will make you a better parent.

And just as you were a model for what a romantic relationship looks like, you are a model for what a parent-child relationship should look like. Your children will benefit from your example when they have their own children, passing down that powerful IMAGO toolkit as they do.

Improved Sibling Relationships

More and more psychological research studies have revealed the heretofore downplayed significance of trauma in sibling relationships. They almost always are important relationships, in both negative and positive ways, with lasting impact.

IMAGO relationship work specializes in healing, growing, and learning new ways to love, helping many clients heal these important relationships, to varying degrees dependent on the efforts of all parties. Though results cannot be guaranteed in any therapy, Imago leads the way in transforming relationships into better, more effective, and more relaxed ones.

You can bring the powerful tools of IMAGO in your children’s lives to help them connect with one another, as well as serve as a model by healing your relationship with your siblings. This can impact your family for generations – as well as your siblings’ families.

Pass Down a Passion for Learning

When you and your partner embrace IMAGO couples education and relationship work, you show your children the value of learning about interpersonal relationships.

The lessons you will share are timeless. Each child, whether they are born in 1952 or 2052, will be born with Core Energy and develop Core Values throughout their life. Texting and Facebook haven’t changed the way that the messages we receive from others impacts our sense of Self and how we look to complete our Self with our partner.

And advancements in psychology and our understanding of interpersonal relationships will continue to be made. Your children are much more likely to seek out that knowledge if they have seen the value it brought to you and your partner.

What Legacy Will You Leave Your Children and Grandchildren?

The psychological health of kids is extremely dependent upon the relationship of their parents, including ex-spouses.  What parents model with their behaviors (including body language) versus what they say verbally is what is most impactful on a child, whether 2 or 20.

Reach out to learn more about Houston IMAGO Couples Workshops and Relationship Therapy, and get started building a legacy of love that can be passed on to the next generation. The Center also offers family therapy; please call us for more information.