As a Certified Group Therapist and a member of the Houston Group Psychotherapy Society, Damian creates a supportive environment where every couple can feel safe to share their experiences. You’ll practice new communication and awareness skills and gain insight into your own relationship by listening to other couples’ histories. Average group sizes are between 3 and 5 couples. Group therapy for individuals is also available. Learn more.

Often as a follow-up to a workshop, Damian works directly with individual couples in private sessions. In this safe, structured environment, you’ll gain deeper insight into your relationship and practice the tools and skills you need to create a better relationship together. Coaching via telephone, Skype, or Facebook is also available for long-distance couples.  Learn more.

Most couples start their journey by taking part in the Imago couples workshop, the most powerful and effective relationship education in the world today. In a relaxed and emotionally safe environment, you’ll learn how to develop a conscious relationship and transform struggle into growth and connection. Couples walk away with new relationship tools they can put into practice immediately. Learn more.

  • Relationship Workshop Schedule

    Recapture the bliss and happiness from when you first fell in love with the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.

    For the vast majority of couples, Damian recommends experiencing the couples workshop before entering couples therapy with any therapist. 

    The workshops presented by Damian are held in Houston and Galveston Island. Workshops specifically designed for LGBT couples are also available.

    Confidentiality is emphasized in order to create a safe environment, and you and your partner will have opportunities to work alone and privately share with one another. Class size is limited to ensure couples get the attention they need. Sign up now to ensure a spot.

    Friday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    Saturday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
    Sunday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

    Learn more about the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.


    February 13-15
    March 13-15
    April 17-19
    May 22-24
    June 12-14
    July 17-19
    August 14-16
    September 11-13
    October 16-18
    November 6-8
    December 4-6

    Houston – LGBT

    February 20-22
    April 10-12
    June 19-22
    September 25-27

    Galveston Island

    January 30-February 1
    February 27- March 2
    October 2-4
    November 13-15

    Galveston Island – LGBT

    May 8-10
    October 9-11
    November 20-22

Closeup of woman eating strawberry in chocolate

6 Libido-Boosting Foods from Houston Marriage Counseling

From incorporating weekly romantic dates into your schedule to working out to enhance physical attraction, there are countless tactics for improving intimacy in your marriage. But if your sex life is still feeling off, you may want to take a look at your diet. Not only does the food you eat impact the way you look and feel, it can also have a big effect on your libido.

Here’s a list of six healthy (and delicious!) foods that can help give your sex life a little spark. More

Houston marriage counseling

Cope With SAD in Houston Marriage Counseling

Do you feel like your significant other suddenly becomes more distant and moody once the days get shorter and leaves start to fall from the trees?
It might not be your imagination. Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is a real condition that affects somewhere between 10 to 12 million Americans, and just like more common types of depression, it can really strain your relationship.


Family watching a movie together

Houston Relationship Therapist: Date Night with Kids

While regular date nights are invaluable for keeping relationships healthy, they’re not always easy to plan—especially if you have kids.  Babysitters must be hired and paid, bedtimes will inevitably be missed, and some youngsters tend to become weepy upon being separated from their parents. A possible solution? Take your kids on a date with you. At least sometimes.