As a Certified Group Therapist and a member of the Houston Group Psychotherapy Society, Damian creates a supportive environment where every couple can feel safe to share their experiences. You’ll practice new communication and awareness skills and gain insight into your own relationship by listening to other couples’ histories. Average group sizes are between 3 and 5 couples. Group therapy for individuals is also available. Learn more.

Often as a follow-up to a workshop, Damian works directly with individual couples in private sessions. In this safe, structured environment, you’ll gain deeper insight into your relationship and practice the tools and skills you need to create a better relationship together. Coaching via telephone, Skype, or Facebook is also available for long-distance couples.  Learn more.

Most couples start their journey by taking part in the Imago couples workshop, the most powerful and effective relationship education in the world today. In a relaxed and emotionally safe environment, you’ll learn how to develop a conscious relationship and transform struggle into growth and connection. Couples walk away with new relationship tools they can put into practice immediately. Learn more.

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    Recapture the bliss and happiness from when you first fell in love with the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.

    For the vast majority of couples, Damian recommends experiencing the couples workshop before entering couples therapy with any therapist. 

    The workshops presented by Damian are held in Houston and Galveston Island. Workshops specifically designed for LGBT couples are also available.

    Confidentiality is emphasized in order to create a safe environment, and you and your partner will have opportunities to work alone and privately share with one another. Class size is limited to ensure couples get the attention they need. Sign up now to ensure a spot.

    Friday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    Saturday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
    Sunday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

    Learn more about the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.


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Houston Relationship Counselor: How Sex Benefits Your Brain

You’ve probably already heard that doing crossword puzzles and eating certain foods can help boost your brain power and stave off the effects of aging, but one activity you might not have thought would benefit your brain is to have more sex with your partner.

There are several different ways that regular sex may boost your brain power. One study from 2010 found that sexually active adult male rats experienced an increase in the number of neurons in their hippocampus (the part of the brain associated with memory) when having sex (either on a daily basis or once every two weeks), something that non-sexually active rats in the control group did not experience. Researchers also found that rats in the group that had sex daily had a rise in the number of connections between brain cells. In short, sex actually helped the experimental subjects’ brains to grow.

Another study, conducted just this past year, found that the creation of new neurons due to regular sex also improves cognitive function. The study looked at middle-aged rats and revealed that long-term exposure to rewarding sexual experiences led to cognitive improvement, which may also indicate that regular sex can help stave off some of the cognitive decline associated with aging in humans. However, the study also found that the cognitive benefits of sex are lost with a prolonged withdrawal period.

Making Sex a Regular Part of Your Relationship

There’s no “sex quota” that you need to reach in your relationship, but having sex on a regular basis is healthy for you and your partner (as long as both people are enjoying the sex). If you don’t feel like you’re having sex as often as you’d like to, the best thing to do is to be honest and talk to your partner about what you’re looking for. Encourage your partner to tell you what they’d like as well so that you can both work towards having a sexually satisfying relationship.

If you and your partner are having trouble finding time for sex, consider scheduling a “sex date” once or twice a week. While it might seem strange at first to schedule sex, getting into this routine can help you and your partner find the time you need and ensure that you have sex on a regular basis.

Want to learn more about how to develop and maintain a relationship that’s healthy for both you and your partner? Schedule an appointment with a Houston relationship counselor or consider attending an upcoming Imago couples workshop to learn how to get the love you want.

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Houston Marriage Counselor: Finding Love in an Empty Nest

Some parents might look forward to the day when their children are living independently and they are able to reconnect with their spouse, but this can also be a stressful time in a marriage. This newfound time together typically feels very different than time spent together early in the relationship—empty nesters sometimes report feeling that their partner has significantly changed or that they have just drifted apart.

An empty nest doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship, though. If you and your partner are both committed to making your marriage work, there are things that you can do to start reconnecting and bringing romance into your relationship. Strengthening your bond with your partner requires work on both your parts, but it is the type of work that comes with a great reward.


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Houston Marriage Counseling: Stop Fighting Dirty

It is a common myth that successful relationships do not experience conflict. However, even the best relationship is bound to have issues arise (and it is even healthy for that to happen). The difference between a good relationship and a problematic one is how you and your partner choose to handle those conflicts; simply having a disagreement on an issue does not mean that you need to fight. More