Most couples start their journey by taking part in the Imago couples workshop, the most powerful and effective relationship education in the world today. In a relaxed and emotionally safe environment, you’ll learn how to develop a conscious relationship and transform struggle into growth and connection. Couples walk away with new relationship tools they can put into practice immediately. Learn more.

Often as a follow-up to a workshop, Damian works directly with individual couples in private sessions. In this safe, structured environment, you’ll gain deeper insight into your relationship and practice the tools and skills you need to create a better relationship together. Coaching via telephone, Skype, or Facebook is also available for long-distance couples.  Learn more.

Intensives are 3-hour counseling sessions that provide time for in-depth work that enables profound changes in a relationship to take place. Perhaps your relationship needs fast and immediate attention. Or you simply want to “jump start” your relationship to the next level. Multiple sessions can be scheduled in advance. Call for more details and availability for private Intensives. Learn more.

  • Relationship Workshop Schedule

    Recapture the bliss and happiness from when you first fell in love with the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.

    Workshops are open to ALL committed couples, irrespective of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, etc.

    For the vast majority of couples, Damian recommends experiencing the couples workshop before entering couples therapy with any therapist.

    Confidentiality is emphasized in order to create a safe environment, and you and your partner will have opportunities to work alone and privately share with one another. 

    Class size is limited to ensure couples get the attention they need. Sign up now to ensure a spot.


    Friday: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    Saturday: 8:30 am – 7:00 pm
    Sunday: 8:30 am – 6:30 pm

    Learn more about the Houston “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.

    Getting the Love You Want

    May 18-20
    June 8-10
    July 13-15

    Couples in Recovery

    Please inquire for more info.

The True Definition of Love

When you think of love, do you imagine that moment where Cupid hits two people in the heart? They then look at each other and fall instantly, forever, in deep, true love. Then they ride off together into the sunset to live happily ever after.

If so, you are falling for a myth. It’s one that is perpetuated by the books, TV, and movies we consume. More

Stop Fights by Building in Time

Maybe it’s a pointed comment from your partner. It could be a look. Or even a certain tone.

But it just sets you off. You can’t help but respond with a harsh comment.

Your partner does the same. And suddenly, things have escalated into a heated argument.

You both walk away feeling angry, frustrated, confused, and disappointed.

Does that sound familiar? That’s because it is a common pattern for couple interactions, and it is all caused by how our brains are wired to protect us for survival. More

relationship problems

How Your Silence Can Stir Up Relationship Problems

For some people, opening up about emotions can be difficult. This is primarily due to socialization in and out of families.

While some associate this issue with males, people of both sexes can suffer from a low ‘emotional IQ’. This means they don’t know the important differences and relationships between emotions and thoughts.

They may even be unable to accurately identify and name their emotions. These individuals may instead use common euphemisms such as, “I feel good” or “I feel bad about this.”

Unfortunately, this difficulty expressing emotions can cause a great deal of pain and frustration for their partners. They may not understand why their partner is silent. They notice their partner struggling emotionally but not putting those feelings into words, and their mind starts racing, “What’s going on? Why is my partner so distant? Did I do something wrong?”

This can put partners at odds with one another – even if the root of that silence had nothing to do with the relationship in the first place. More