Family Therapy

Want to become a better parent? Improve how you communicate and interact with your child?

Portrait Of Family Relaxing On Sofa Together

Damian’s passion is helping parents build a stronger connection with their kids of any age – from preschool to adult. Parenthood can be a bumpy road, and Imago relationship techniques can help provide a road map for that journey.

In family therapy, Damian works with parents and children together in private sessions to practice more effective communication skills. He takes the time to get to know both parents and understand each child’s personality and current stage of development.

Family therapy utilizing Imago relationship techniques appropriate for your child’s development can help you:

  • Learn new ways to interact, communicate, and grow together
  • Find solutions to challenges in your child’s development
  • “Tune in” to your child’s perspective
  • Uncover the cause of problem behaviors
  • Build more supportive parenting techniques
  • Develop and understand children’s emotional control
  • Build your child’s confidence, self-awareness, and social intelligence
  • Support your child’s transition into young adulthood
  • Prepare your child for increasing responsibility of eventually going out on their own
  • Develop healthier, less combative ways to resolve household conflicts and many other potential problems

As the proud father of two successful adult children, Damian knows firsthand how precious the connection is between parent and child. His goal is to help you strengthen that bond with stronger communication and awareness skills, enabling families to raise a next generation of kids (and grandkids) that thrive.

IMAGO = Healthy Couples, Happy Families, Thriving Children, and a Peaceful World

Share your family’s story with Damian. Email for a free consultation appointment by providing some dates and times that would be good for your schedule (M-F 8-5 only) OR just leave this information in a detailed voicemail at 713.409.8111.