Family Therapy

Damian’s passion is helping parents build a stronger connection with their kids of any age – from preschool to adult. Parenthood can be a bumpy road, and Imago relationship techniques can help provide a road map for that journey.

In family therapy, Damian works with parents and children together in private sessions to practice more effective communication skills. He takes the time to get to know both parents and understand each child’s personality and current stage of development.

Also, Damian has helped many siblings heal their relationship.  So if you have a rupture with a brother and/or sister, Damian can help you explore both healing and growth. Life is too short not to.

Coaching and therapy is now available via phone or Zoom. The Center uses the Healthcare Professional license for Zoom, which is among the safest, confidentiality-protected (HIPAA-compliant) platforms that exist. More details on the Online Therapy page.

Want to become a better parent? Improve how you communicate and interact with your child?