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Via Zoom or In-Person.
Damian is fully vaccinated.


  • Imago will help you deal with your past baggage that is affecting current relationships. It digs deep enough to bring the unconscious to the conscious... Read More

    Lesli Stockwell Avatar
    Lesli Stockwell
    10 Oct 2020

    5 star ratingWords from this weekend have continued to resonate over the ensuing weeks. If you go, be prepared for sudden insight, new-found honesty and a clearer ... Read More

    Deborah W. Avatar
    Deborah W.
    28 Feb 2015
  • You will receive life-changing skills and insight to use with all your relationships.

    Whitney Claire Riley Avatar
    Whitney Claire Riley
    30 Sep 2020

    I can't say enough good about Damian and his workshop. I attended several years ago and learned SO much! I can't imagine trying to work through even t... Read More

    Cheryl Russell
    12 May 2012
  • 5 star ratingEvery couple married or not would receive great value from this workshop. Learning the skills to truly let another know how you feel in a neutral envi... Read More

    Marian B. Avatar
    Marian B.
    01 Oct 2014

    This is the best Marriage Counseling We've ever had! We've been to lots of therapist but never had the growth in my Marriage that came from Imago! Th... Read More

    Roy Moffitt Avatar
    Roy Moffitt
    02 Nov 2016

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