Build a stronger, more supportive relationship. Rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.

No matter where you are located, with some exceptions. Coaching and therapy via telephone, Skype, or FaceTime is available, with some requirements. Call for details.

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Many couples start with a relationship workshop, and then deepen their learning in couples therapy. In some cases, they may be too far away to attend couples therapy in person regularly.

That’s why Damian offers coaching via telephone, Skype, or Facebook. It is highly recommended to complete the couples workshop first, in order to get the most benefit from the sessions.

Couples who take the workshop are equipped with the knowledge and tools that they will use during the intensive therapy. Couples who take the workshop return able to maximize their therapy through a deeper understanding of both theory and practice.

In this safe, structured environment, you’ll gain deeper insight into your relationship and practice the tools and skills you need to create a better relationship together.

Together, you can learn to move past negative behaviors, such as blame, criticism, rage, withdrawal, and rejection, and replace them with healthy relationship habits that encourage support, sensitivity, and connection.

One powerful therapy technique that Damian uses in couples therapy is the Imago Dialogue, which works to transform negative interactions into positive communication. Imago Dialogue can help you to:

  • Become a team
  • Reconnect or to feel connected more deeply
  • Identify and change old beliefs behind defenses
  • Foster compassion between partners
  • Feel heard, understood, and respected
  • Bring back the passion in your relationship

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