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IMAGO = Healthy Couples, Happy Families, Thriving Children, and a Peaceful World


Experiencing relationship issues? Want to strengthen your marriage?

Houston Imago relationship therapy may be the right choice for you and your family. Widely regarded as the most powerful couples therapy and relationship education available today, this highly effective approach has positively impacted thousands of couples across the globe. There are over 2,500 Certified Imago relationship therapists in over 20 countries, and it’s the oldest school of Psychotherapy devoted exclusively to the study of couples.

What is Imago? Imago relationship therapy is named after the Latin word for “image” and refers to the “unconscious image of familiar love.” Essentially, Imago teaches that there is frequently a connection between the frustrations you feel in your adult relationships and the frustrations of your childhood.

For example, if you grew up in an emotionally reserved household, you might have trouble openly expressing your feelings for your partner. Or, if you often felt abandoned as a child, you might get incredibly anxious at the idea of your partner rejecting you.

Imago relationship therapy seeks to help couples uncover and work through these underlying issues through the Imago dialogue. Trained Imago counselors work closely with couples to teach them how to really listen and better empathize with one another. Through this ongoing process, couples can bridge the emotional gap between them and continue striving for a conscious relationship.

Benefits of Houston Imago Relationship Therapy

Even if you’ve never considered therapy before, we highly encourage you to try it with your partner. Couples and families find that Imago relationship therapy is:

  • Marriage Positive: Our goal is to help you reconnect and build a stronger, long-lasting relationship.
  • Family Friendly: Stop the cycle of wounding in your relationship with your children and regain the love you once felt.
  • Empowering: We’ll arm you with the communication tools you need to strengthen your own relationship.
  • Enlightening: Learn the true cause of conflict between you and your partner – and how to overcome it together.
  • Safe: We promote a supportive environment that allows you to feel safe in communicating your deepest emotions to your partner.
  • Effective: Studies have shown that marriage education is more effective than traditional counseling. Keep the love you find in your long-term relationship.

Imago really is ‘the new way to love.’ It helps partners to be effective in co-creating the relationship of their dreams. Put simply: Imago works.

Is Imago Right for Me?

Imago relationship therapy is not just for ‘one type’ of person. Anyone can benefit from this method, and we’ve worked with a diverse group of individuals, couples, and families at our Houston Imago counseling center.

Imago relationship therapy may be right for you if you:

  • Are currently married or dating
  • Want to rekindle the love you once felt for your partner
  • Are beginning a relationship that you want to last
  • Are near break-up and want clarification and help
  • Have broken up and want to understand why
  • Know that your relationship can be stronger than it is right now

Imago is changing the world one relationship at a time.  Find out how it can help you connect with your partner like never before.

Houston Imago Relationship Therapy

Want to Learn More about Imago?

We highly recommend the following books from the best-selling authors and Imago founders, Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD., who are also Damian’s close friends.

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