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Welcome, I am Damian Duplechain M.A. of Houston, Texas, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist and Workshop Leader, and Advanced IMAGO Clinician. I have designed this site to give you the relationship help you are looking for right now.

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Every Relationship Begins with Romantic Love

As your romantic love inevitably begins to ebb somewhat, you have the wonderful opportunity to move more and more into Real Love. You begin to see your partner more fully, and differently, for whom he or she really is. Yet you still want to take your relationship to the next, and highest, level, despite now having discovered some roadblocks in your way. You may be ready for a Houston marriage counselor to work with you by telephone or in person.

Houston Marriage Counseling
Why You Should Consider It

With couples counseling, a couple can achieve safety, commitment, communication, connection and passion. You can learn about and understand commitment, the different stages of all relationships, and how to communicate with one another.

Relationship advice and coaching is almost always helpful for any relationship no matter what stage the partnership is in. If you feel the desire to reconnect with someone you love but are not sure how, our couples counseling is exactly what you need. I have worked with hundreds of couples for many years using at least arguably the most powerful approach to relationships.

It is called Imago Relationship Therapy. This approach has become the most renowned and used approach by more marriage counselors and relationship therapists around the world than any other modality, for several decades now. Read more about Houston marriage counseling and other services offered plus Imago Relationship Therapy.

If you are interested in solving problems
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  • seeking to create a lasting relationship
  • having trouble resolving new and/or old existing problems
  • breaking up but want to make the split as free of blame and hurt as possible
  • looking to enhance an old friendship
  • wanting to stop the cycle of wounding in relationships with your children
  • unhappy with the same characteristics and qualities that at one time attracted you to your partner?

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