Why Is the Workshop $849?

Is an Imago couple’s workshop really worth the price? Are you and your partner truly going to get anything worthwhile out of it to justify the cost?

If you’re on this page, those questions are probably weighing heavily on you right now. Worse, we know that investing in your relationship in this way is often the hardest when you and your partner need it the most. 

With that in mind, here are a few things to consider while you mull it over…

A Weekend Workshop Lets You Invest More in Your Relationship at Less Cost Than Private Imago Sessions

Most Imago private couples therapy packages run between $1,200 and $2,400 for six sessions. Exact pricing depends on the level of experience your Certified Imago Relationship Therapist currently has. This can seem like a hefty price tag – especially if you’ve never paid for counseling like this before. 

The Imago Couples Workshops we offer provide a unique opportunity for you to receive the same kind of information, training, and practice that you would receive through private therapy… and you even get a few added benefits. 

For example – less pressure. Intensive two- to three-day Imago-based weekend retreats like this provide a safe environment with other dedicated couples. It may seem strange to have a room of strangers with you for this journey, but couples often feel more relaxed with a workshop as their first experience.

Moreover, you still get the benefit of an experienced therapist, and you will come away with communication tools and exercises you can utilize independently afterward. 

The best part? An Imago Workshop costs less than a thousand dollars. Similar programs can set you back two to three times that! 

An Imago Weekend Workshop Costs Less Than a Divorce Attorney

For those who are genuinely trying to avoid the D-word, then remember that $849 for a weekend of fun (if you let it be) is nothing compared to what you may end up paying in attorney’s fees. 

Average divorce attorney rates can run around $50 per 15-minute increment (yes, $200 an hour), and they often charge separately for other communications – a $5 flat fee for a phone call, for example. 

Here in Houston, the best family/divorce lawyers are known to charge 10 times that! 

With that in mind, we think a weekend relationship workshop just might be worth the effort. Especially when you consider the fact that many of our couples have found this workshop to be a pivotal point in revitalizing their relationships and renewing their long-term commitments. 

Finding hope can be a powerful experience – one that can sustain us through the life-long learning process.

If it turns out you’re one of our incredibly rare cases that come away from a weekend’s worth of work on your relationship and find it’s best to part ways, we still think this workshop is worth it.

Why? Because many have found that it was just the help they needed to address their irreconcilable differences in a way that provided a path to a conflict-free (and less costly) divorce.

Options in Paying for Your Imago Weekend Workshop

Even though the cost of a weekend workshop is less than private therapy, we understand that $849 is still a hefty sum for many. Our primary concern is that you and your partner get the relationship therapy you want and need, which is why we offer a number of ways you can plan and pay for your Imago weekend. 

Standard Payment Plan 

In order to ease the financial burden, we offer a two-payment option. You can pay $475 during registration as a deposit to hold your space at the workshop, and y our balance is due eight days prior to your workshop. This option requires cash or check payments.   

Need-Based Interest-Free Financing

If you know you need the help that Imago Workshops are known to provide but are unable to afford payment via any of the options above, reach out to the Center for Marriage and Family Relationships to find out whether you qualify for our interest-free financing option. 

This opportunity is need-based and determined on a case-by-case basis.