Fee: The fee for the “Getting the Love You Want” workshop is $800 per couple. Checks are preferred method of payment. A $400 deposit with your completed registration (below) reserves a space for you, with the balance due two weeks before the beginning of the Workshop. The fee includes the workshop itself and a personal workbook for each of you. If you refer another couple (in advance only) who actually attends the workshop with you, you’ll receive a $150 rebate after the workshop. If you refer two couples who attend with you, you’ll get a $400 rebate after the workshop!

Food and hotel accommodations are not provided. You are encouraged to stay at a hotel the entire weekend in order to sharpen the focus on your relationship, but it is certainly not required. Convenient hotel suggestions will be made available to workshop participants with your registration confirmation (via email).

NOTE: NO REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION WILL BE FINAL until ALL proceeds of tuition fee are actually received by Presenter’s bank, irrespective of method of payment, or amount or time of payment. Each workshop confirmation is subject to a ‘FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE’ policy, which refers strictly to BOTH receipt of the completed Registration form, AND also the timely bank funding of the associated $800 tuition fee.

By your submittal of this registration, you affirm that you have both read, agreed to, and accepted all terms and conditions concerning refunds. Returned checks will be assessed $25 collection fee plus bank charges.

Cancellation Policy: If the Workshop is cancelled by the presenter, a full refund of all payments will be made. If you cancel more than seven days prior to the workshop, refunds will be made by check (irregardless of method of payment), mailed within 48 hours of your email notice, for the full amount less a $75 processing fee.

If you cancel seven days (6:30 p.m. of the Friday before) or less prior to the Workshop, then registration payments are non-refundable. However, you may use the funds already paid toward ANY other future Couples Workshop dates that you desire, provided that they are still being offered by Mr. Duplechain AND that you re-register in sufficient time that there is space availability. This latter part of the transfer policy is necessary only because of the limited space in the Couples Workshop and frequent waiting lists.

Your registration is non-refundable if:
1) You cancel seven days or less prior to the Workshop
2) If you do not show up for the Workshop
3) You do not complete the Workshop

: If after participating in the entire workshop, you believe the experience you’ve received isn’t beneficial to you, and you give written notice to Presenter within an hour after the end of the workshop, your money less $150 for materials will be refunded to you within five (5) business days. No explanation is required. You have our promise that you will both enjoy and gain many benefits from this powerful workshop!

Map with directions to the workshop will be emailed with your registration confirmation.

For questions, feel free to phone (713-409-8111) or email.