Relationship problems can place painful stress on any healthy marriage. At our Houston marriage counseling center, we provide private therapy, expert coaching and one of the world’s most powerful educational Couples Workshop. Any and all of this is for couples who are seriously committed and/or married to work on what is important in your marriage.

Through the world’s leading school of psychology for couples, Imago Relationship Therapy, we are dedicated to serving you with the finest care to improve your life individually and with your partner. Finding happiness is all about finding that perfect balance in your life individually and as a couple, and Houston marriage counseling can help!

Couples who cannot find harmony in their marriage usually suffer mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Do not let your relationship problems also negatively affect other people in your life such as your children, parents, and friends.

Houston marriage counseling serves anyone who desires to fix their marriage or improve it. We have many successful cases of unhappy marriages turning around into happy and more importantly healthy relationships. Relationship problems are extremely difficult to resolve alone, or with less than expert help.

There are many problems that can affect your relationship such as contemplating divorce, sexual or financial infidelity, compulsive lying and other important issues. With Imago Relationship Therapy, we gently and respectfully reach deep down into your relationship and find the root of your relationship problems. This way we are able to begin successfully transforming your marriage into a blissful union full of joy, pride and success for many years to come.

Other life factors in an individual, in addition to your unhappy relationship, may contribute and prevent you from getting on track with balancing your life. Some examples may be addictions, depression and anxiety. We are able to help you as an Individual to balance and regain control of your life so that you can make the appropriate changes to your life as it relates to your primary relationship.

Relationship Problems – Delivering Solutions

GROUP THERAPY for couples is also available as an extremely affordable option for couples who are looking to further resolve their marital relationship problems.  In this setting, couples will receive support from a Houston Marriage Counselor who is a Certified Group Therapist and a member of Houston Group Psychotherapy Society.  You learn more about your own relationship from listening to other couple’s history and experiences.

TELEPHONE COACHING is available for couples who are at a distance and it may not be practical to be live in person. This modality can be highly effective for some couples.

THE COUPLES WORKSHOP is so important a vehicle for you we devote a whole page to how that works.  Click here for details on that program.

COUPLES COUNSELING with a Houston marriage counselor in person with an individual couple is often the approach of choice at least in the beginning.  Almost all couples will benefit from attending the couples workshop and working as an individual couple in private sessions. Some couples living at a distance attend the Couples Workshop and then have telephone coaching sessions as a follow up.

There is no need to place any blame on your partner or feel shy in the practice of this Houston Marriage Counselor.  I have a great track record here as a well-known IMAGO therapy practitioner, to help you and your partner reach a new level of success in your relationship.

We offer the highest quality of therapy, education and counseling in the Houston region and beyond.  We will help you come to the best decisions regarding your marriage. Do not let your relationship problems hold you hostage by not trying either our IMAGO Couples Workshop or our counseling or coaching sessions.

For more information, regarding my experiences counseling couples and our method of counseling come to my About Me page to learn more. We have numerous valuable free resources to help you with relationship problems so claim them now.