What are Intensives?

Intensives are 3-hour counseling sessions that provide time for in-depth work that enables profound changes in a relationship to take place.

Perhaps your relationship needs fast and immediate attention. Or you simply want to “jump start” your relationship to the next level.

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Who Can Benefit from Intensives?

  1. Couples who feel stuck and would like a quick break-through.
  2. Couples who are doing well but desire new insights and new skills to take their relationship to a deeper level.
  3. Couples whose schedule would find a weekly session inconvenient and prefer a longer session.
  4. Couples who are preparing for marriage to learn life skills for marriage.
  5. Couples who come from a long distance seeking help for their relationship.

This is a way of getting an intensive experience of Imago Relationship Therapy, geared to your particular needs.

How Is an Intensive Different from a Workshop?

Intensives are fundamentally different than the Workshops. Intensives are primarily therapeutic. Workshops are primarily educational in nature and prepare the couple to do intensive therapy.

Couples who take the workshop are equipped with the knowledge and tools that they will use during the intensive therapy. Couples who take the workshop return able to maximize their therapy through a deeper understanding of both theory and practice.

The most effective way to put your relationship on the fast track to healing and growth is a combination of taking the “Getting The Love You Want” Couples Workshop, followed by Intensive counseling sessions.

How Do I Schedule an Intensive?

Multiple sessions can be scheduled in advance. Call for more details and availability for private Intensives.

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