The Recovering Couples Imago Workshops are held upon request from a group of 4 or more couples on a mutually acceptable weekend at the large home of a host couple. Please phone us to discuss further.


If you are going through recovery for an addiction, maintaining a relationship can be difficult.  Due to the serious nature of addiction, recovery understandably tends to take precedence.

But if you ignore relationship issues in an attempt to focus solely on recovery, you may end up not only losing your partner – but also relapsing.

In contrast, when couples learn the necessary skills to maintain their connection and deal with the relationship issues that emerge as part of the recovery process, they are more likely to help each other prosper.

How do you learn those skills? By attending Damian Duplechain’s 12-Step-friendly Imago Recovering Our Connection weekend workshop in Houston.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of couples in all stages of recovery, Recovering Our Connection will teach you how to help your relationship survive and thrive, so both of you receive the necessary support while going through this difficult time. This is the most powerful, cutting edge relationship education on the planet for couples in recovery, but with Damian’s skill (he’s presented it to over 2,000 couples already) and confidentiality pledges, you can also rest assured that your experience will be safe and gentle.


Why Should Couples in Recovery Choose Damian?

In addition to being a psychotherapist who has specialized in helping couples for over 20 years, Damian is also a certified alcohol and drug counselor (LCDC), and is in Recovery himself.

He studied with Dr. Patrick Carnes in the mid-1990s in the early days of the field of Sexual Addiction. He has been certified in Texas as an Advanced Addiction Counselor for both Chemical Dependency and Behavioral Addictions. And he’s well known across the Houston Metro Area for his work in the field of Dual Disorders or Diagnoses (mental disorder plus a history of substance abuse).

Additionally, Damian has a long association with the prestigious Hauser Clinic in Bellaire, the oldest privately-owned mental health clinic in Texas, and he serves as Chairman of the Professional Training and Standards Committee of the Board of Imago Relationship International.


Who Is “Recovering Our Connection” For?

This workshop is open to any couples who are going through recovery. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or not. If you or your partner – or both – are in recovery, Recovering Our Connection is for you.

The only requirement of those who wish to register is that they have both a desire to abstain and a high degree of certainty that they can successfully do so during the time shortly before, during, and shortly after the Couples Workshop. It is not a requirement to have long term sobriety. Although it’s almost a certainty that there will be participants who do have long-term sobriety, this workshop is not a competition, just like in the rooms.

What Can You Expect from “Recovering Our Connection”?

You will learn about the sources of conflict for couples while improving your communication skills, developing an increased compassion and understanding for your partner, and discovering how to apply tools to renew your passion and stay connected – not just to your partner but also to your 12-step program.

Participants will:

  • Attend short lectures
  • Complete writings
  • Participate in exercises
  • Enjoy demonstrations
  • Practice skills with their partner
  • Meet couples on the same path
  • Laugh!

The weekend costs $800 for tuition and manuals (food and travel expenses are not covered).

As with most of the Couples Workshops Damian offers, it will be held at a local hotel. Registrants will be offered a special discounted room rate for a limited time, and will receive detailed information and instructions within 24 hours via email.


Has Your Chemical Dependency or Other Addiction Negatively Impacted Your Family?

Damian also offers family therapy for those affected by Chemical Dependency or other Addiction to aid in recovery from the painful effects and consequences that the disease can have on anyone close to an addict.

The goal of this type of therapy is to get the addicted individual to see how their behavior is not only self-destructive but also hurting those closest to them, so they can make a change to relieve that suffering. Ultimately, we want the addicted individual to listen and accept help. For some, that may mean rehab. For others, a 12-Step Program might be enough.

To that end, those participating in family therapy for Chemical Dependency or other Addiction must be both respectful and loving. With his years of experience working with addicts, Damian understands how to direct these sessions to make them beneficial for everyone involved.