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Improve Your Marriage with Better Transition Times

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Have you ever tried to engage your spouse in morning conversation, only to feel frustrated by their lack of response? Conversely, have you tried to connect with your spouse after work, but felt hurt by their unwillingness to engage?

In both situations, the transition time may have contributed to your marriage problems. Read More

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Why You Should Open Your Baggage

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Everyone has seen pain and heartbreak in their lives. Even if we had a happy childhood, experiencing heartbreak starts from the moment we are brought into this world.

Unless we recognize this pain from an early age (which is not easy to do), it follows us into adulthood, and into our romantic relationships.

Even if we are not directly focusing on our past moments in pain, these experiences add up to make us the person we have become today. We keep our pain with us, carrying it like we would carry – you guessed it – baggage.

Opening this “baggage” and addressing past heartbreaks can be very scary, but is crucial to learning more about ourselves and living a free, happy life with our partner. Read More

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Are you the type of person that can’t say no to people?

Let’s look at an example. Your Friday schedule is full: you have to finish up projects at work, pick up your kids from school, cook dinner, have a date night, and clean the house for guests that will be arriving that weekend.

Already, you have no time to breathe or relax. But then you get a call on Thursday. Your neighbor wants you to volunteer at a community event in the afternoon for a few hours.

And what do you do? You immediately say, “yes.” Followed by immediate regret.

Read More

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Are You Fighting Over Minor Details? Stop “Right Fighting”

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Do you know someone who has to be right all the time?

Maybe this person is your partner. Or you.

Let’s look at an example. A couple is getting ready to go to the woman’s mother’s house. The woman’s partner is taking a long time to get ready. And he is in a sour mood about how early they have to leave. He tells her that the drive to her mother’s house is only 10 minutes long. She tells him that the drive is closer to 30 minutes. If he doesn’t hurry up, they’ll be late and her mother will be upset. Read More

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