Avoid Relationship Problems by Honoring Your Core Values

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You’re on the phone with your partner while you’re driving or waiting to pick up your kids. Distracted by the tasks at hand, you say something offhand or inconsiderate to your spouse.

After you hang up, you start to think about the conversation. The offhand remark makes you cringe, and suddenly you start to feel awful. Read More

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Let’s go back to basics. When you or your partner has something to say, how do you communicate with each other? Do you allow each other to speak, or rush to give your opinion? Do you find the right time to talk, or jump into an argument when tensions are high?

Being able to communicate with your partner in an open, honest, positive manner is the cornerstone of any loving relationship. So let’s go over some of the basics of the Imago Intentional Dialogue, including: Read More

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IRI Research Study Crowdsourcing Project

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Here’s an 8 ½-minute video that you might enjoy!

Harville and Helen, Imago’s co-founders, along with other couples who’ve done their Imago Therapy are speaking about Imago and what it’s like for them.

At the end, it invites you to consider a contribution to funding more Imago Therapy research, of which a lot is going on.

Whether you want to give or not, we believe you’ll find it a powerful message for your own journey in a committed love relationship!

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