In my work couples counseling in Houston, one of the most valuable pieces of relationship advice I offer is also the simplest: have a date night. It may seem trivial, but most couples lose touch with one another over time. Sure, they live in the same home, but as we grow older, there are more and more responsibilities that keep us apart. As you spend less time with your partner, you may feel less connected to him or her. That’s how serious relationship problems develop.

Couples Counseling in Houston: Don’t Make Excuses

It may seem difficult to find time for date night. Who will watch the kids? How will I get all my errands done? But consider this. You make time for your physical health by exercising regularly and going to the doctor, and you make time for your financial health by analyzing investments, paying your bills, and updating your budget. Why aren’t you doing the same for the health of your relationship?

The next excuse people often give me in my work couples counseling in Houston is that they can’t afford it. But the cost of not making alone time together a priority is much higher: regular therapy sessions, maybe even divorce fees, and of course the emotional toll it takes on your whole family.

Plus, date night doesn’t have to cost you much money. If child care costs are a concern, find friends with children and swap “babysitting” services, so you can all benefit from a date night now and then. There are many things you can do cheaply or even free. Instead of going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, make the same meal at home together. Or rent a movie and make a bowl of popcorn instead of going to see a film at the theater. How much money you spend isn’t what matters. It’s how much time you spend together that counts.

If your problems have already escalated to the point where a date night together just isn’t enjoyable, then get relationship advice now. The sooner you address your relationship problems, the easier they will be to resolve. Seek couples counseling in Houston.