Some couples that find themselves in Houston relationship counseling are surprised by how they got there. There was little to no fighting in their marriage before, but suddenly one partner just isn’t happy or is exploding all the time. It seems to come out of nowhere!

Sometimes this happens because one spouse always “gives in” to the other in an effort to avoid conflict. This can seem like a good idea because it does indeed prevent you from fighting. But over time, always keeping your feelings and needs to yourself won’t work. Instead, you will start to resent your partner and put the blame on him or her, even though in many cases the spouse doesn’t even know that you’re putting your own needs aside for theirs!

Learn How to Argue Fairly in Houston Relationship Counseling

The truth is that all couples have disagreements. No matter how perfect two people are for one another, they are two separate individuals with separate needs, desires, dreams, and goals. Here’s the good news: that doesn’t make you any less “perfect” for one another. In fact, those disagreements can help bring you closer together, but that’s only true if you actually deal with them.

By avoiding arguments, you are only widening the gap between you. You’re denying your partner the opportunity to really know you, and over time, his or her lack of understanding for your point of view will make you resentful.

Instead, your goal should be to learn better communication skills, so that both of you can express how you are feeling and come to a compromise. You can learn these relationship skills and get past marriage problems in Houston relationship counseling.