In my years of Houston marriage therapy, I’ve noticed a growing trend among unhappy couples: the invisible divorce. Even if married partners aren’t hiring lawyers and dividing assets, they can still be living in the same toxic emotional state. Going through an invisible divorce means that although you and your spouse continue to live together and may even still love each other, you’ve lost the emotional and physical intimacy in your relationship. You may feel more like your husband or wife’s roommate than his or her partner.

Although it’s not as outwardly messy, an invisible divorce can be just as emotionally devastating, especially to any children that you and your partner may have. In some cases an invisible divorce can be even more devastating than a legal one, because the partners’ problems go unacknowledged even though they may be out in the open all day every day with no hope of a solution.

The Signs of an Invisible Divorce from Houston Marriage Therapy

The indicators of an invisible divorce begin with many common relationship issues and will inevitably become worse if nothing is done to acknowledge or solve them. If you find yourself experiencing any of the following signs, it’s probably time to seek the help of Houston marriage therapy:

  • Preferring to do activities without your spouse and finding new activities that keep you away from him or her
  • Depending on your children as the sole providers of a sense of love and support in your life, rather than your spouse
  • Wanting to relay good or bad news first to someone other than your spouse
  • Feeling intense resentment toward your spouse and communicating with him or her mostly via argument
  • Feeling invisible, lonely, empty, and dissatisfied even when you’re occupying the same room as your partner

If you’ve noticed that your relationship is displaying the signs of an invisible divorce, then it’s time for you and your partner to thoroughly examine your relationship issues. Seeking the help of a qualified relationship expert in Houston marriage therapy will be invaluable when it comes to healing your invisible divorce.