Houston Relationship Counselor

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone. You’re probably thinking, “But where did the time go?”

You’ve been busy with work, family, and other life events. But now it’s time to reflect on all of the things that happened in the past year – and think about all the things you want to happen in the new one.

With every New Year come new beginnings. Many of us set goals and make resolutions to ensure the next year is our best one ever. If you’ve been with your spouse or loved one for more than a few New Years, you also know that even the strongest of relationships needs a little help from time to time.

Why not use New Years as a time to make a stronger commitment to one another? If the last year has been rough for the two of you, or if you just want to keep improving your relationship, here are a few resolutions recommended by the Houston relationship counselor to help strengthen your relationship.

Communicate and Share Every Day

Just as you make a commitment to work out every night as part of your New Year’s resolution, make sure you also fit in time every day to communicate with your partner.

It doesn’t have to be long. Allotting just 10 minutes a day to have uninterrupted “talk time” can make a huge difference. Even if you feel you’re in a good place in your relationship, setting aside this time will help you keep growing together for years to come.

This resolution is also a powerful tool for those who feel they need to be on a better path with their partner. Maybe you’re both too busy to talk, or maybe you’ve been arguing more than you’d like. Anyone can benefit from more time to communicate with one another.

You love and care for each other, so take the time to share and listen to one another about your day, your family, your goals, or whatever it is that comes up.

Brainstorm Novel Ideas

If you’ve been with your partner or spouse very long, you know that what was once exciting and fun tends to get a little dull over time. Snuggling on the couch and watching movies used to be romantic, but now it’s an easy way to snore through the whole movie. And going out for dinner and drinks is next to impossible with kids.

What you need is a way to “spice things up,” and not just in the bedroom.

Try a new fun activity, like putt-putt golf or laser tag, alone or with your kids. Cook a complicated yet delicious meal together. Sample a new beer or wine with each other when the night winds down. Go to a new restaurant. Go see a live comedian. Go ice skating.

You get the idea. Just try something new, and make it a habit to do so regularly. Keep seeking out new things to try and experience together. Make it a fun challenge for one another, or cater it to your specific needs.

Have kids and can’t get a sitter? Make it a fun family outing. On a budget? There are tons of cheap fun date night ideas on the internet. Think you’ve done it all? Think again.

One of the best things you can do for one another is experience new things and learn about each other in unique settings. You’ll reignite that spark that made you fall in love in the first place.

Turn It Off

One common complaint many couples have is that they feel like their partner just isn’t listening to them.

Whether one partner is always on their cell phone, surfing the Internet, or watching TV, the other partner will often feel neglected and second-class. Don’t let this happen in your relationship, and if you’re guilty (and many of us are!), make a resolution to reverse it.

Put the cellphone down. Get off Facebook. Record your TV show. Give your partner your undivided attention whenever it is possible, and ask for the same in return.

Some people even take it a step further by removing TVs from the bedroom and banning cell phones close to the bed. Not only is this good for your sleep cycle, but it’s also great for providing each other the love and attention you both need.

When you unplug from all of your distractions, you will naturally be more in tune with your spouse, and your relationship will be stronger because of it.

Resolutions Galore

These resolutions are just the “Big Three” that can often make a huge impact on the committed relationship. But don’t stop there! Consider your relationship’s needs and what commitments you can make to create change.

You can decide to make every Friday night a date night, or resolve to write each other love notes once a month. You can make a resolution to renew your vows this year and start planning a big party. You can resolve to say, “I love you” once or twice a day, or you can agree to hold hands more often.

Another powerful New Year’s resolution that could help solidify your relationship is seeing a Houston relationship counselor. Investing in your relationship and giving each other time in a counseling or workshop setting can be incredibly helpful even in the happiest of relationships. Whatever the New Year brings you, you will have your loved one by your side. Make sure that you tell your spouse or significant other how much you love them – and give them a kiss when the clock strikes midnight!