Want some relationship advice from an experienced Houston marriage counselor? Start kissing! Turns out, it’s not only good for your relationship; it’s good for your health. In fact, couples who share a smooch every morning before work live 5 years longer than couples that don’t. Here are just a few of the benefits of puckering up.

You look younger. Kissing works out 30 facial muscles, leading to more toned cheeks and chin.

You get relief from allergies. Have you gotten this piece of relationship advice from your allergist? By making out for at least 30 minutes, your body produces less histamine, which means you’ll get relief from sneezing and a runny nose.

Your blood pressure and cholesterol lower. When you kiss, your blood gets pumping and your body releases adrenaline, helping to keep you healthier.

You get sick less often. Smooching triggers a release of antibodies that fight off bacteria, giving you a little immunity boost.

You have healthier teeth. Kissing can help neutralize acids that cause tooth decay and can exchange mineral salts that strengthen your enamel.

You’re more relaxed. Feel like you’re floating on cloud 9? That’s because your body just released some extra endorphins and oxytocin, which help you feel happier and calmer.

You’re skinnier. Okay, not by much. But you burn 6 calories per minute when you make out. If you kiss for 4 minutes, you can eat a Hershey’s Kiss with no guilt!

Need More Relationship Advice?

If kissing isn’t a part of your marriage, it’s likely you’re struggling with other relationship problems. Dealing with these issues before they become even bigger can help you to save your marriage. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with a Houston marriage counselor.