One of the main reasons people seek Houston relationship counseling is to stop fighting, so it may be surprising to hear me say that a little arguing can be a good thing. Having a very low level of conflict in your marriage can be a sign that you are no longer interacting or that you are avoiding talking about the relationship problems you do have.

You are two separate people with separate needs and desires, so it’s only natural that you disagree now and then. Over time, issues you avoid dealing with now will continue to exist and likely get worse. Consider that these conflicts are an opportunity to communicate and improve your marriage. If you go through some minor bickering now, you will have greater satisfaction with your relationship in the long run. Remember, the goal isn’t to “win” but to understand your partner’s point of view and come to a compromise.

If the problem is that you’re just not communicating about anything, and thus not fighting anymore, you need to discover new ways to reconnect. Find new activities to do together. Go out on a date night. Rekindle the flame that was there when you first got together, and get to know the wonderful people you have both become over the years.

Work through Conflicts in Houston Relationship Counseling

Of course, no one enjoys arguing, and you can find healthier ways to work through conflict. If you notice that tensions are rising, take a break. Both of you should cool down before going back to talk about the issue at hand. If you need help talking about your relationship problems, consider seeking Houston relationship counseling.