Houston residents don’t exactly have to battle bitter cold, but we too enjoy the rising temperatures and blooming flowers of spring. And while “spring cleaning” can feel like a cliche, it’s a yearly habit for a good reason.

As we shake off our coats and start to open the windows, we have the opportunity to let in fresh air while getting rid of anything and everything stale. Stale food, stale items that never get use in the house, stale thoughts, stale habits – let’s get rid of all of them!

We can also start “spring cleaning” our relationship and get rid of any staleness that is lingering around there.

This may be:

  • Old grudges that weren’t truly resolved
  • Bad habits that continue to irritate one partner or the other
  • The same old routine

Let’s address each of these issues and how you can “clean them out” in the next coming months.

Old Grudges That Weren’t Truly Resolved

As a couple, it can be tempting to say “yes” to a couple’s agreement just to stop fighting with your partner. But as time goes on, you might realize that the terms you agreed to are still bothering you. Take this time to sit down with your partner and truly close the door on past arguments.

Approach this as a challenge that you and your partner can address together. Ask your partner if they have time to talk, and then say something like this:

“I think I made a mistake when I agreed to the terms of X. Can you help me rewind and come to a more favorable couple’s agreement?”

We all make mistakes, so don’t be afraid to admit that the books were never truly closed on an issue.

Bad Habits That Continue to Irritate One Partner or the Other

Did you forget to make a few New Year’s Resolutions? Springtime is a great time to put bad habits in the trash and replace them with positive, productive habits! If you know that your partner is irritated by smoking cigarettes or forgetting to do the dishes, use these changes as a way to show your love and recommit to your relationship.

If your partner has a habit that drives you up the wall, make sure you communicate these feelings in a gentle way. Your partner may not know that their behavior is making you feel this way, so first and foremost, communicate with them. If you have a solution ready (a good habit that can replace the bad habit, for example) you can work with them and support them as they change their routine or take the effort to eliminate this habit.

The Same Old Routine

Sometimes, the thing that is holding you back is the same routine that you have been performing for years! After too much time going to the same places and seeing the same people, you might feel stale.

Shake off your old routine like your heavy coats. Create a goal with your partner: to find a new hobby or project that will get you out of the house and bring you to new places. Maybe it’s time to take a class at the community college or volunteer with a charity that has always been in the back of your mind. Either way, now is the time to do it!

Want to learn more about working with your partner to “spring clean” your relationship? Reach out to a Houston relationship counselor for more information.