As a Houston marriage counselor, one piece of relationship advice I offer my clients is to embrace the power of the compliment. Everyone needs to feel attractive, appreciated, and needed. In the beginning of a relationship, we usually make a point to compliment our partners, letting them know when they look good or made a nice meal. But over time, we forget to let the other person know what we value about them, and it can start to make you feel taken for granted.

But it can be easy to overcome this – get back to those compliments! Here are a few to get you thinking about all the ways that you appreciate your partner.

You look great. The next time your significant other gets dressed up for an event, take a moment to appreciate him or her. Or just any day that your spouse is looking their best!

You did a great job with… When your significant other does work around the house, let him or her know that the result was amazing!

That meal was delicious. Does one spouse do all the cooking? It may have become such a routine part of your day that you forget to let your partner know that it was yummy.

I love it when you… When you’re having sex or just being intimate, there are likely things that your partner does that you love. Let him or her know!

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Be creative, and stay aware of all the ways that your spouse makes your life richer! Don’t stop catching your partner “doing something ‘right’” and letting them hear about it from you.  We all need to be appreciated, and this human need is one that requires frequent satisfaction.  Research shows that 5 appreciations are required by the human brain to offset 1 criticism of a committed love partner. If you need further relationship advice, give my offices a call to talk to a qualified Houston marriage counselor.