The topic of honoring your relationship often leaves my Houston marriage counselor clients scratching their heads. They think of honor as something that happens unconsciously. Of course I love my partner. We’re married, aren’t we?

Unfortunately, couples often make the assumption that their partner knows how much they care and that they don’t need to show it. They believe that honoring just comes with the territory of being in a relationship, that it doesn’t require forethought and intention.

Unfortunately, that kind of thinking is what causes relationship issues and lands couples in marriage counseling. If you want a long-lasting, happy partnership, you need to find ways to show each other you care.

Houston Marriage Counselor: Do You Honor Your Relationship Enough?

Sometimes couples have been together for so long, stuck in the same bad habits, they don’t even realize their marriage is suffering – until it’s too late. Here are some symptoms of a relationship in need of honor.

If only he would…

Sometimes a partner will focus on what their spouse needs to do instead of thinking about what they could be doing. They believe that the relationship issues are the other person’s fault. Playing the blame game allows you to avoid responsibility. What’s more, it can make your partner feel like your love is conditional. No one wants to be in a relationship like that, and the best way to stop the cycle is to take control of what you can do to improve your relationship.

You disregard her feelings and interests.

When you honor someone, you genuinely care about their wants and likes. Ignoring someone or downplaying their interests and thoughts makes it seem like you don’t value them. There should never be a doubt in your partner’s mind about how much they mean to you.

Think back to how you acted when you first began dating this person. After we have known a person for a long time, that sense of familiarity can make us less engaged in their life. We start to take things for granted. Remember how you used to hang on your partner’s every word? Try and channel some of that attentiveness.

The Houston Marriage Counselor Can Help

Of course, partners don’t usually intend not to honor each other. We get bogged down in our own lives and needs. It happens gradually over time. Breaking this cycle can be tough, but your relationship is worth it. Make a conscious effort to honor your spouse. And if you need more help, you can always call the Houston marriage counselor.