I’ve talked a lot about the value of scheduling a weekly date night, and I know a lot of couples plan these nights for the weekend, when they have more time and when they believe more events may be going on. However, some couples may have work schedules or time commitments that make it difficult for them to have a regular weekend date night, so for those couples, I’d like to offer up some ideas for midweek dates.

Even if you do usually go out with your partner on the weekend, occasionally carving out time for a midweek date can be a nice way to shake up your routine and discover some activities that you might not have discovered otherwise. Midweek dates can also be great for couples on a budget, since places like movie theaters and restaurants often offer special deals during the week.

Is a midweek date starting to sound pretty good to you and your partner? There are pretty much endless options for date activities, but here are a few to get you started.

Meet up for lunch.

Unless you and your partner work in the same building, you probably don’t see each other for most of your weekdays. If you’re both able to take an hour for lunch, though, you can meet up for a meal at a restaurant or café that’s central to both your workplaces. This will give you a nice opportunity to spend some time together when you normally wouldn’t and get away from any stressors at work.

Visit a restaurant or bar you’ve never been to.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a great way to add excitement to a long-term relationship. Check out a restaurant that you know nothing about, or visit a popular dive bar and play some pool. It may not be your usual date night, but breaking from the norm will make it memorable.

Take an evening class together.

No matter where you live, there are probably a wide range of evening classes offered during the week. Talk to your partner about a class that you’d both be willing to try, and decide whether you’d prefer to do a one-time thing or commit to a weekly session. Whether it’s a wine and painting night or a yoga class, you and your partner will benefit from learning a new skill and spending quality time together.

Attend a free university event. 

If you live near a college (like Rice or the University of Houston) chances are there are lectures, panels, and concerts going on throughout the week—and many of these are open to the public. Check scheduled events on your local university’s website to find something that you and your partner can enjoy and learn from.

Spend a night in—without distractions.

Splurge on a babysitter, put your phones and computers away, and spend a night at home with your partner. Consider making a nice dinner together, dressing up, and playing a board game or watching a movie that you’ve both been wanting to see. Set aside time for the things that you both enjoy doing on a night in but don’t normally have a chance to do during the week.

Use the above ideas as a jumping off point, but don’t hesitate to come up with your own. And if you’d like to learn more about how to have a meaningful date night, or how to better connect with your partner, consider making an appointment with Houston relationship counseling.