In my reading about Houston relationship counseling, I see a lot of articles on the significance of sex in a marriage. Of course sex is an important way to connect with your partner, but it isn’t the only way we have to feel close to one another. I think other forms of affection are not given enough attention. For example, what about the simple act of hugging?

Houston Relationship Counseling: Hug at Least Once a Day

A hug can go a long way toward making you feel emotionally attached to your partner. In fact, couples who regularly hug and cuddle report that they are more satisfied with their marriage than those that don’t.

When we cuddle, our body releases oxytocin, the bonding hormone, which helps us to feel comfort, security, and companionship. This helps us to feel more relaxed and safe with our partner.

In Houston relationship counseling with couples who are seeking marriage help for their sex lives, I often recommend starting to reconnect through hugging and other forms of touch, such as holding hands or snuggling while watching TV. These actions can help you to feel more comfortable physically around one another.

Start by making a commitment to hug each other – every day – for at least 30 seconds. Then over time, find more ways to bring physical touch into your marriage. You may be surprised by the benefits it brings to all aspects of your relationship, from your sex life to conflict resolution.

If you are struggling with a lack of intimacy in your relationship, I encourage you to seek Houston relationship counseling for help.