As a Houston relationship counselor, I can’t count the number of times that couples have told me that they feel like they need marriage help because they’re in a rut in their relationship. They’ve been together a long time, and while the beginning of the relationship was new and exciting, they’ve fallen into a predictable routine and can’t seem to get out of it.

There’s a psychological basis for why people tend to get into a “comfort zone.” Being in a comfort zone reduces stress and risk while promoting a sense of mental security, so we tend to retreat into routines because it makes us feel safe. This can happen with individuals and in relationships, and there are advantages to breaking out of your comfort zone whether you’re single or committed to a long-term partner.

Why Should Couples Break Out of Their Comfort Zone? Houston Relationship Counselor Explains

Although we may feel good in our relationship comfort zone, avoiding risks can lead to boredom and passivity, which leaves people wanting marriage help. You and your partner should get out of your comfort zone because:

  •  By taking on risks or challenges in a controlled environment, you’ll be better prepared to face new and unexpected changes together
  • You’ll promote creativity because you’re forced to think about things in a new way, which in turn promotes empathy for your partner
  • You’ll find it easier to try new things in the future and will be able to get out of your “rut”

Houston Relationship Counselor Offers Ideas on How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

So how should you and your partner go about getting out of your comfort zone? Here are just a few ideas:

  •  Go to a new restaurant that you know nothing about
  • Learn a new language or skill together
  • Take up a new physical activity that you can do together, such as biking or taking a partner dance class
  • Find a volunteer activity that you can do together

Of course, you don’t have to choose an activity on the above list—the important thing is for you and your partner to find an activity that you haven’t done before, even if it’s just something small, like establishing a date night. Getting out of your comfort zone can strengthen your relationship and your individual willingness to take risks. Want more suggestions? Contact the Houston relationship counselor today!