As a Houston relationship counselor, one of the relationship issues I help my clients deal with is trouble in their sex life. Couples come to me afraid that they’ve lost their spark. They report a decrease in sexual activity and even interest. Over the course of our life, our sexual activity does change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an active, healthy, and satisfying sex life. Here are a few simple tips for improving your sexual intimacy.

Stay fit. As we age, we tend to gain weight, and this can affect our self-esteem and body image. If you are not comfortable with how you look, it can make you less comfortable making love with your partner, even though he or she may be raring to go! Feeling food about how you look can make you feel more interested in sex, and exercise can also improve your energy levels.

Get enough sleep. Speaking of energy, one of the biggest libido killers is exhaustion. As a Houston relationship counselor, I hear it over and over again. You come home from a long, stressful day of work, and the last thing you can think about is sex. Staying well-rested and finding healthy ways to deal with the stress can make a big difference.

Compliment your partner. Let your partner know when he or she looks good, and communicate about moves that turn you on.  If your partner isn’t sure what gets you in the mood, it’s harder to make it happen. This kind of sharing can bring you together and help you feel more satisfied sexually.

Cuddle! For many couples who are struggling with their sex life, other forms of physical affection have diminished as well. Find excuses to touch each other while doing chores or watching TV. Hold hands, hug, and kiss. These actions can help you to feel more physically connected and comfortable with one another.

Talk to a Houston relationship counselor. Sometimes the stress of other relationship issues can enter into your sex life. Reconnecting and improving your communication can help to make you happier with your relationship, and your sex life.

If you want to seek help for your relationship, please call our offices to talk to an experienced Houston relationship counselor.