Premarital Counseling Houston

As a Houston couples counselor, I talk to a lot of married couples about their financial disputes, and more often than not, I find that the root of the problem is that they are simply not communicating! In fact, many of them have never sat down and discussed their short-term and long-term financial goals together. This is why money issues is one area I emphasis in premarital counseling, and also when counseling existing marriages. In my experience, it seems like usually people partner up as one person is from The Tribe of Spenders with someone from The Tribe of Savers.  Funny how that is often the case

Houston Couples Counselor: Why Money Matters for Premarital Counseling Houston and Marriage Counseling

Where we want to spend our money often says a lot about our values, so by discussing differences in financial goals, we often uncover other more deep-rooted relationship problems.

For example, one spouse may want to save up for a mortgage down payment and a college fund for their future children, while the other may be more focused on saving up for a month-long tour through Europe. Neither goal is more or less important than the other, but it says a lot about where each person’s mindset is. One is ready to settle down and start a family, while the other seems more prepared to enjoy the freedom of being young and unencumbered.

By working with a Houston couples counselor, this couple could find ways to talk through these differences, ensure their future goals really are compatible, and find a way to meet in the middle. Of course, not all issues are this extreme, but it’s better to talk through any issues – even smaller ones – in premarital counseling.  By working together toward mutually agreed on goals, you can build a more stable financial future and avoid future stress and relationship problems. And when you’re saying your vows, you’ll be better prepared to commit until “death to us part.” You’ll have a better (and joint!) vision of what that life together looks like.

If you are currently dealing with financial disputes in your marriage, or if you are happily engaged and ready to take the next step in your relationship, contact our center for premarital counseling Houston or marriage counseling from an experienced Houston couples counselor.