As a Houston Marriage counselor, I can tell you that unemployment can have a profound effect on your relationship.The couple’s money issues that may have existed before the job loss are now heightened. If one partner is still working, he or she may feel resentment towards the one who is staying at home. And the overall stress of the situation can lead to cranky moods, anxiety, and even depression.

How much does unemployment matter? 75% of women said they wouldn’t marry someone who was unemployed, yet, in the same survey from YourTango and ForbesWoman, 91% of single women say they would marry for love over money. These findings might seem contradictory, but, from my experience as a Houston marriage counselor, I don’t think they are.

Houston Marriage Counselor on Unemployment’s Effect on Relationships

When we get married, we want both fiscal and emotional stability. Finding the right partner can help us to achieve both. We may not be sure if we are ready to jump into a lifetime commitment with someone when everything is so up in the air. But before you break up with your significant other or head to divorce court, consider this: unemployment is a temporary situation. Whether it takes weeks, months, or even years, it will eventually end.

This is a time when you can be there for your significant other, and good news, at least one of you has more time to work on those relationship problems. Support them on the days they are feeling depressed and hopeless, and provide them with the encouragement they need to keep trying to find work. Work on your communication skills, particularly in regards to money matters.

You may be pressed for cash, but you still need to find ways to relieve stress and enjoy each other’s company. Going out for a date night doesn’t have to cost a dime. Go for a walk in the park, make breakfast in bed, enjoy a nice soothing bath together. Be creative!  And frugal! ALL people, including couples, need to have a budget and update it regularly.  Couples need to communicate regularly about the budget, especially with big changes on the income (or expense) side occurring.

You can emerge from this tough time as a stronger unit. Seek help from friends and family. And if you are still struggling with relationship problems as a result of unemployment, consider getting professional help from an experienced Houston marriage counselor.