A black couple is experiencing parenting issues in Houston.

If you have or have ever had kids in your home, you probably already know the joys of seeing your child learn and grow. But you also know there are moments where you want to scream in frustration.

All of the changes associated with the pandemic amplify those negative moments. So it’s no surprise that, these days, many are experiencing parenting issues in Houston.

Maybe your kids try to get you to play a game while you’re working on an important project. Or their Zoom meeting is impacting your Zoom meeting. Or they see you as their 24/7 butler (literally since they’re home all the time!).

With the stress we’re all under, it can be tempting to let out all your built-up frustration by yelling and saying negative things.

Keeping that negativity out of your interactions with your child can be even harder when you’re having relationship problems with your partner.

However, you need to remember that the way you speak and act around your kids, even if it doesn’t feel like a big deal at the time, can have a long-lasting impact.

Setting a Positive Example for your Kids

Seeing conflict between parents is incredibly hard for children.

Sociological research has shown that divorce often has a huge impact on children, and there is definitely a strong link between a child’s experience with his or her parents and their marriage and the child’s own experiences as an adult.

A happy marriage and a respectful relationship between parents, though certainly not always perfect, is a big need for a child. When that need is not met, the child is more likely to experience problems in their own relationship as a result.

The goal of conscious parenting is to be aware of how the ways in which we behave affect our kids. Especially how the ways in which our own past emotional scars might influence our behavior around our kids.

Conscious parents should:

  • Pause before acting to consider how their actions will impact their child
  • Understand that all actions have consequences, even if they’re not immediately visible
  • Model positive values for their children
  • Forgive their own past mistakes and resolve to focus more on conscious parenting in the future

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Conscious Parenting During COVID-19

It can be really hard to stop and think about your actions when it feels like the world is coming apart. That’s the tough part of trying to engage in conscious parenting in a pandemic.

On the plus side, though, there is a lot to be conscious of right now. Not freaking out over financial troubles. Or spewing work stress on your kids or partner. Or letting cabin fever get the best of you and ignoring safety.

Think of it as particularly intense on-the-job training. Like parenting in general, just… more.

Something that can help is making sure that you are finding time to let yourself de-stress and recharge. None of us are at our best right now. But this can make things just a tiny bit easier.

The other big thing you need to do is forgive yourself. And be willing to move on and move forward.

Experiencing Relationship Issues?

If you and your partner have been experiencing relationship issues, you need to set aside time to have some serious discussions – both about how the two of you can work together to resolve your problems and meet each other’s emotional needs, and about how you can keep your own issues from affecting your children.

Even if the two of you are fine, that doesn’t mean you’re not experiencing parenting issues in Houston, and counseling can make a huge difference.

We want to strengthen families by helping couples become better conscious parents and grandparents. This is especially important right now, because you’re likely the only role models your kids get to spend any real time with.

Originally Published 2/5/2018. Updated 8/31/20.