Take a look at your schedule. How much private time do you have with your partner this month? No kids, no work, no obligations. Do you even get a weekend of free time?

If you’re like a lot of people, the answer is probably no.

Life is full of demands. In the mornings, you and your spouse may be running around the house, taking the kids to school, or preparing for work. At the end of the day, you might be preparing dinner or attending meetings.

On the weekends, you and your partner may just pass by each other. Once in a while. As you complete errands. Or play chauffeur for your kids.

All of life’s demands leave little room in your schedule for couple time, but you have to build it in, because it’s important.

This is the time when you can:

  • Look at your relationship goals and your progress
  • Discuss issues within your relationship and create couple’s agreements
  • Reconnect and refresh your bond

Don’t put off these tasks – they are just as important as your PTA meeting or repainting the dining room. Instead, do something that’s going to sound a little crazy: work with your partner and find one weekend next month where you can plan a weekend getaway.

Yes, that’s right. An actual weekend getaway.

Planning the getaway, including the goals of the itinerary and where you go, can be a fun couple’s project that turns into a regular “reset button” for your relationship.

Weekend Getaway Ideas

Keep things simple. Use these tips to plan a productive, refreshing weekend getaway for you and your partner.

Find a babysitter.

This is a couple’s weekend getaway. Look for a babysitter or a family friend who can take on the kids and the pets for the weekend. Even if you can’t get away for the weekend, having the house to yourself can eliminate distractions and errands that may take priority over important relationship discussions.  

Find accommodations… with a spa.

If you and your partner prefer to relax with few items on your itinerary, that’s fine too. Find a hotel that you don’t have to leave for the weekend. One with a spa and a restaurant can allow you to stay in your “bubble” and help you unwind.

Try out a weekend workshop.

If you and your partner get antsy with an open itinerary, create a weekend getaway based on a new activity. Weekend workshops give you a new focus and something to learn together.

Maybe take a weekend of dance classes. Spend Saturday at a brewery and Sunday at a distillery. Browse through Facebook events, bulletin boards at community centers, or reach out to friends and family for ideas on how you can make this a special weekend.

Set goals.

Give your weekend getaway a purpose. Do you want to grow together? Reconnect? Create goals for the next year? Remember to use this weekend getaway as a way to strengthen your bond.

For information on how you can create a productive and present weekend getaway that helps your marriage, reach out to a Houston relationship counselor.