One myth I frequently come across in my Houston relationship counseling work is that people just naturally grow apart over time. This idea is a major contributor to divorce and marriage problems, but it isn’t true. Some people do grow apart in relationships, but that’s because they allow it to happen. It isn’t something that is inevitable.

So why are couples allowing themselves to grow apart? Research has shown that couples are in desperate need of relationship education. They need to learn how to be married. This is why IMAGO couples workshops are so powerful and important for couples and families, even those who are happy. You learn how to maintain your relationship over time, living up to the commitment you made when you said “I do.”

Just how effective is relationship education? A recent study by the University of Colorado’s Department of Psychology followed two sets of married couples who had experienced an infidelity. One set used traditional couples counseling, and the other went through marriage education. Those who went through marriage education reported more improvements, more satisfaction, and more improved communication skills when compared to those who used traditional therapy.

Houston Relationship Counseling: Don’t Grow Apart, Grow Together

Relationship education teaches you skills that you can use for the entire length of your marriage to stay connected, get past disputes, and enhance communication. This can help prevent marriage problems and ensure that you don’t allow yourselves to grow apart. If you need help, I encourage you to seek Houston relationship counseling and look at the many relationship education workshops we offer.