One great piece of relationship advice for all couples, whether you just walked down the aisle or have been together for decades, is to think of marriage as an ongoing class. Your partner will grow and change over time, and you’ve made a commitment to learn about him or her and also teach your partner about you.

As the Houston marriage counselor, I often encounter couples who haven’t kept up with their “lessons” and now find themselves completely lost. It’s my job to help them “catch up” on the lost time, but I also remind them that this process of teaching and learning doesn’t end. It’s an ongoing process that can be one of the most rewarding parts of being married.

Over time, your partner may surprise you – in ways that delight you and in ways that frustrate you. Each step along the way, you must find new ways to compromise and build your life together. My relationship advice is to consider each triumph and setback that you face as individuals and as a couple to be an opportunity for learning. If you approach every problem from this angle, you may find that you are more likely to have a positive outcome and are stronger for it.

Seek Relationship Advice to Improve Your Ability to Learn and Teach

If you are struggling with the learning process, it can help to get back to the basics by working on your relationship skills. As the Houston marriage counselor, my goal is to give my clients the tools and relationship advice they need to continue the learning and teaching process at home in a healthy, productive way.