Imago Marriage Therapy

Has anyone ever taught you how to be in a relationship?

This is a question I ask when I am first discussing Imago techniques and teachings to couples that are new to this theory. When we are young, we go to school to learn different subject matter: math, reading, writing, and so on. But there is so much more to life and love that we are not taught.

If you’re feeling lost in your relationship and disconnected from your partner, Imago can provide you with a wealth of tools to use to mend things. Reach out to us now and we’ll talk about your specific situation and how we can help you reconnect with your unique partner. Attempt to fix things without the proper tools and you can actually increase the likelihood that you will fail to resolve your conflicts in a positive way.

Obviously, we can’t get that specific in a blog post, but we can focus on certain general skills that help couples navigate conflicts and rough areas in relationships.

It’s about Setting Your Relationship Up for Success

Sound great, right? Who doesn’t want to do that?

But how exactly do we set our relationships up for success? This is where Imago comes in. Imago is a type of relationship therapy that focuses on building on the inner love that we begin to develop at birth. Harnessing this inner love, and approaching conflict resolution as a couple (rather than as individuals), Imago can help us through any conflict in our marriage.

Think of a relationship as a house. Imago gives us the blueprints and tools to build a strong, sturdy house. Rather than walking through your “house” with tools to repair the leaky faucets or broken walls that a traditional therapist might see, Imago allows a therapist to hand you the tools to secure your house through anything that threatens to damage it.

I know that many couples hesitate to call up a therapist when they are having troubles. The idea of therapy is too often linked to the ideas of failure, illness, and so on.

But consider attending an Imago marriage therapy workshop. Once couples see what is available to them through Imago, and how the skills and tools we provide can help us through any conflict in our relationship, it all starts to click. Relationships require work, skills, and knowledge. Imago shows us how to use them to enjoy a loving marriage forever.