If years of handling relationship therapy in Houston have taught me anything, it’s that many moms put a lot of pressure on themselves. There’s often both a desire to be independent and career-minded while also devoting themselves to their children. And no matter which one they’re engaged in, they feel guilt and worry that they’re not doing enough in the other area.

No knock on dads, who also have a lot of stress and responsibility on their plates, but moms tend to put a lot more self-imposed stress on themselves to be everything to everyone and ignore what they need. That means neglecting their health and their relationship—areas that could be a source of strength.

And actually, “ignore” is probably the wrong word. Moms may not take action to help with those things that they’re neglecting, but they spend plenty of time obsessing over everything they think they’re doing wrong and all the bad things that could happen. This hampers communication and can cause huge marriage issues.

Relationship Therapy in Houston: Explore Your Anxieties to Get Relief

What do most moms worry and obsess over? They’re pretty common concerns. They fear for their health because they’re always running around, worry that they’re not doing a good enough job raising their kids, worry that they’re not being a good enough wife, and worry about money.

Obviously, those are very general fears but they can manifest themselves in very specific negative ways if left to fester for too long. My advice is to tackle those fears head-on as soon as you realize they’re causing personal problems or marriage issues. How do you do this?

Guilt or worry? Define your fears. “Guilt” refers to a negative feeling about something that has already happened, while “worry” is about the future. Write everything down on paper because it helps to externalize your fears.

What are the chances? Once you have them written down, be honest with yourself about how likely they are to happen. Regardless of their likelihood, take each fear to its logical conclusion and write out what will happen if it comes true. This will help you to see how ridiculous some of the things you’re obsessing over are.

Work on prevention. For those things that are relatively rational fears, think about what steps you can take to stop them from coming true and act on those plans.

You Can Get Help in Relationship Therapy in Houston

It’s not easy to find time for yourself when everything else feels like it should be the number one priority. But always remember, the best thing you can do for your family is to keep yourself happy and healthy. Relationship therapy in Houston can help.