From incorporating weekly romantic dates into your schedule to working out to enhance physical attraction, there are countless tactics for improving intimacy in your marriage. But if your sex life is still feeling off, you may want to take a look at your diet. Not only does the food you eat impact the way you look and feel, it can also have a big effect on your libido.

Here’s a list of six healthy (and delicious!) foods that can help give your sex life a little spark.


Legend has it that the scent of almonds alone can arouse passion in women. Whether or not the myth is true, these healthy nuts are loaded with nutrients and minerals beneficial to sexual health and reproduction. This includes vitamin E, selenium, and Zinc, which can boost testosterone levels and enhance sexual desire.


It turns out strawberries can be as good for your libido as they are for your waistline. Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that improve circulation, which is essential to sexual performance in both genders. In addition, they’re a great source of vitamin B, which has been linked to high sperm counts in males.


Rich in unsaturated fats, folic acid, and vitamins, avocados can improve your blood flow and overall energy. The super-fruits also contain vitamin B6, which is believed to support increased hormone production in males.


A favorite at every picnic, watermelon can also help increase blood flow to the erectile tissue in a woman’s clitoral area and a man’s penis, resulting in increased arousal.


It might not be your idea of sexy foreplay, but there are some who eat raw eggs before sex to enhance their energy and libido. Whether you eat them raw, scrambled, or poached, you’ll still get a big dose of vitamin B6 and B5, which can help balance hormones and reduce stress.  Eggs are also rich in amino acids, which can prevent erectile dysfunction.


Don’t feel guilty about indulging in a Hershey’s Kiss or handful of M&M’s every now and then. Chocolate is packed with antioxidants and phenylethylamine, which can improve your mood and even reproduce the feeling of falling in love.

Of course, completely revitalizing your sexual and emotional relationship isn’t always as simple as munching on a piece of fruit or chocolate bar. If you’re experiencing intimacy issues, it’s essential to seek out help in Houston marriage counseling for more advice on how to revive your sex life and strengthen your relationship.