In Houston relationship counseling, one of the toughest marriage problems that my clients face is an affair, but many couples are able to get through it together and come out stronger on the other side. An important step in healing after an affair is reestablishing trust.

Talk about the Affair in Houston Relationship Counseling

As a first instinct, the cheating partner may be reluctant to talk about what happened. After all, they don’t want to cause their partner more hurt than they already have. But keeping details a secret can actually cause more doubts for your spouse. The truth may be hurtful, but it’s an important step towards rebuilding trust. As it can be difficult to do, you may want to go to Houston relationship counseling to talk it through.

It is also crucial that the cheating spouse severs all ties with the person they were having a relationship with. This can be hard to do since often this third party was also a friend and confidant. He or she may be someone you look to talk to during this difficult time. But in order to focus on your marriage and rebuild trust, you cannot maintain a relationship, even a friendship, with this outside person anymore.

Additionally, for a period of time, the partner who had the affair may have to report about where he or she is going to be at all times. The key is to be patient. You can’t expect things to go back to normal quickly. In many cases, it takes months or years, but once you have regained your partner’s trust and worked through your marriage issues, most couples find that they are actually stronger, healthier, and happier than they were before the affair took place.

If you are coping with an affair, I encourage you to seek help and work through your marriage problems in Houston relationship counseling.