As the Houston marriage counselor, I have heard many times over the years from people in long-term marriages that the secret to their success is simple: don’t give up! These couples have made a commitment not to leave the relationship, either to separate or divorce, even when it gets tough.

Maybe this seems a little too simple to you, but it’s really just makes sense. When both people in the relationship have made the decision to work things out, failure isn’t an option. You find ways to make it work, by taking steps to learn relationship skills, improving communications, and finding new ways to compromise.

This rule of “not giving up” not only applies to the relationship overall, but also to individual relationship problems. While at times it can be the right decision to walk away from a particular argument to allow both parties to cool down, it’s never a good idea to simply ignore a problem and hope it goes away. It’s always possible to come to a better understanding and find ways that both of you can be satisfied with the outcome.

Seek Help from the Houston Marriage Counselor

As an Imago therapist, I believe in marriage. I think most couples can get past their issues by learning new relationship skills in order to have a happy, successful, long-lasting marriage. If you are having relationship problems, I encourage you not to give up! Instead, seek help from the Houston marriage counselor and learn new ways to connect with your partner.